Amy Adams


    • United States
      21.01.2016 13:12:23

    • Banisher zegt:
      your forgotten forever
    • United States
      21.01.2016 13:12:12

    • Banisher zegt:
      I would stop and take off any and all photos and talk on your instagram account and say and mean it was photo shopped if your still alive that is your stopped from tipping mother earth on her axis by freak accident painful bye bye love all or your fo
    • United States
      02.12.2015 13:15:09

    • Truth teller power zegt:
      endorse breeding be gone from this world losers
    • United States
      02.12.2015 13:14:59

    • Truth teller power zegt:
      Breeding is immoral in a over populated world and if so called spiritual people post pictures of babies on there instagram as a balance they just suffer in agony forever and parish in holy fire forever bye bye your forgotten you shouldn't endorse bre
    • United States
      23.02.2014 11:34:35

    • Truth talker zegt:
      If women don't get smarter they will be put down by the smart lifeforms out there and have eternally bad luck and worse karma and bad life reviews upon death learn to say what you want already
    • 10.11.2012 19:41:22

    • eetcnsdi zegt:
    • 10.11.2012 19:01:01

    • favwsvoc zegt:
    • Sri Lanka
      13.04.2011 15:06:36

    • Shammi zegt:
      Well She's amazing.. specially in "Leap Year".. Love watch her emotions and acting..
    • India
      25.04.2010 17:44:24

    • bir12bir zegt:
      Passionate Lady
    • United States
      15.04.2009 12:01:42

    • fragash zegt:
      A temptation to the eye. An arrow through the heart.

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Biografie van Amy Adams

Geboortenaam: Amy Lou Adams
Geboortedatum: 1975-08-19
Geboorteplaats: Vicenza, Italy
Lengte: 5' 5"
Nationaliteit American
Beroep: actress

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